Specially for our English-talking friends from XS.

Published by xooler @ 18 апреля 2006

Short description about why we decided to join.
First - we really know how all those autocascades ( as them are usually described) systems. I am an engeneer with diploma, shortly translated as "Cryogenics technics" with diploma work at "multi-component working mediums in phase-change systems". For now i'm writing a science work and studuing as a Ph.D. This competition for me is a good thing to relax a bit from paperwork and have a little mounting practice. Besides i'm working in one of 10 best industrial cooling companies in Russia and i have much more instrument, copper tubes/fittings and gases than casual XS visitor to be sure that all I want to implement will be done as I want to be implemented. I live in Moscow.
Xooler - is my partner in this project from Spb. He have enough experience to build such a system, but I'm not sure about several parts he can make there. Because of that whatever he needs - I'll send to him.
Sorry for my English.

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